Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 dollah

current insp.: insane hip-hop/urban hipster/cheesy 90s rap style. Ya'll know what I'm talking about. I recently found myself drooling over some faux ghetto gold earrings and thinking "how DOPE would these look with an over sized hot pink hoodie and skinny jeans?" No joke. I'm hoping that this upcoming school year I can diversify my wardrobe so I'm thinkin' M.I.A., The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff, Amber Rose and Kayne West (?!) fer sure.
My next mission is to find (or start!!!!) a really good hip-hop street style blog. I mean, I can't find any truly epic ones. There are more than enough blogs in which I can see the same ole same ole hipsters pretentiousness but I'm looking for a bit of variety.

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